Get involved

Fondazione Aurora, taking into account valuable past experiences of different stakeholders, proactively (call for action) collaborates with individuals, public and private institution to establish and maintain strategic partnerships and increase business initiatives that aims at sustainable growth.

Dialogue, competences exchange and cooperation are the main pillars for a process that promote sustainable and long-lasting co-development.

Propose your company

Describe your activities and future ideas for your business and the social impact in your community, by completing the attached form.

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Become an intern

If your university collaborates with Fondazione Aurora, send us an e-mail with your CV and cover letter to take part of an internship with us.

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Share your expertise

Participate in the scaling-up programs and share your professional experience with young African companies by filling out the attached form.

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Publish with us

Send us an e-mail and propose a research topic for the Fondazione’s publications.

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Become our partner

If you are a company shares our values and goals, write us.

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