Dagoretti Film Centre- becoming a participatory enterprise


Fondazione Aurora collaborates with Amref Italia and Amref Kenya to promote Dagoretti Film Centre’s  (DFC) scaling up.  DFC, launched in 2005, is a training and film production centre emerging from the “Dagoretti Child Development Centre” active since 2000 in the Dagoretti slum in Nairobi. Dagoretti Film Centre has already made some audio-visual productions that have been shown in different film festivals. An example is “The Cut“.

With a focus on participatory approaches, the DFC has enabled many young people to express themselves through screenplays and video techniques. The Centre has also supported local youth in their job placement into the audio-visual and film sector, a rapidly growing market in Kenya.



Promote the scaling-up of the Centre’s activities and co-design of a multi-annual growth plan

Increase job placement and professional growth for young people trained by the Dagoretti Centre

Foster the Centre as a self-sustaining social enterprise with impact, income generation and partnership strategies such as protecting vulnerable young people through the Dagoretti Child Development Centre


Provision of equipment, technical training and company registration with Kenyan authorities

Develop a marketing plan and select an internal sector manager

Implement marketing strategies and advertising for brand promotion