Fondazione Aurora in partnership with the Moleskine Foundation contribute to WikiAfrica Education, created to strengthen free access to information on the African continent and encourage its sharing.

Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website in the world, but the information on the African continent is equivalent to that about the city of Paris. The WikiAfrica Education Movement aims to give greater visibility to Africa on Wikipedia by expanding the range and amount of information relevant to Africa. Since its launch, it has generated over 40,000 contributions.

The first African country in which Moleskine Foundation is implementing this initiative is South Africa where the main partner is Constitution Hill Trust, a living museum on the memory of South Africa’s institutions and the transition to democracy. 25 years after its promulgation, the aim is to contribute to the large-scale diffusion on Wikipedia of the civil and social principles of the South African Constitution, using a multi-lingual approach.


Create and disseminate quality information on the African continent

Promote the process of de-colonisation of the Internet

Promote the representativeness of African populations at global level and thus their empowerment

Develop critical thinking skills in schools


Support the training of more than 100 teachers and young people on Wikipedia and the South African Constitution

Promote the training of students at BA Global Governance Tor Vergata and of Fondazione Aurora’s scholarship holders at Federico II University about data entry for Wikipedia concerning Africa

Organise, together with Studio Chiomenti and Moleskine Foundation,  both Lwando Xaso’ (constitutionalist lawyer, writer and human rights activist) visit in Italy, and the development of contents on the theme: “The role of the South African Constitution in the international landscape, and the importance of its accessibility, dissemination among youth”