Scaling up

Scaling up means expanding, adapting and sustaining successful policies, programs and projects in different places and over time to reach a greater number of people” (Hartmann and Linn, 2008)

Scaling- up initiatives aim at collaboration with young African entrepreneurs on strengthening their businesses that contribute to inclusive socio-economic development in their communities

Africa has already shown its capacity to creatively respond and tackle structural changes. This feature is nowadays deployed at its best in the technology sector by proposing effective solutions to complex problems.

African innovation and creativity are strategic features for responding to contemporary global challenges.

The Next Production Revolution is undeniably imbued with a wave of innovation that is generating manifold opportunities for the economic transformation of Africa and Europe. It also contributes to reach socio-economic inclusive development.

Fondazione Aurora talks to young African entrepreneurs and Diaspora representatives with the explicit purpose of facilitating the consolidation of viable businesses by taking into account their concrete requests and thus supporting their scaling-up process.

Building upon past experiences while acknowledging the importance of Agendas 2030 and 2063, Fondazione Aurora aims at enabling greater social impact starting from endogenous business activities that solve structural challenges.

Agenda 2030 - 2063

Fondazione Aurora initiatives align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the AU African Aspirations.

In line with the selected sustainability objectives of the UN 2030 and AU 2063 Agendas, referring to inclusive growth, empowerment of young people and business consolidation, Fondazione Aurora operates through a people-to-people and inclusive development approach, applying the principle of non-profit organizations to constantly monitor the consistency of activities with the proposed objectives. The Foundation does not offer sink-fund grants.

Fondazione Aurora collaborates with individuals, organizations and companies that share the Foundation’s values ​​and operating methods and therefore wish to contribute to the strengthening of African business realities in respect of their ownership. In this scenario, Fondazione Aurora focuses on these priority Sectors and Countries.

The diasporas are privileged subjects to activate economic and social bridges, given the empathic synthesis and the profound and varied knowledge of multiple contexts.

Fondazione Aurora, promoting co-development and reciprocity among the various cooperation actors, selects their activities based on the following criteria:


Young African entrepreneurs and Diaspora interested parties:


With innovation capacity

With territorial partnerships

Community-driven development


SMEs with poor access to international cooperation funding and private financing


Strengthening entrepreneurships based on solid, shared and sustainable development planning

Improving professional opportunities and local living conditions

Community Development



Ad hoc strategic partnership


People-to-people approach

Bi-directional exchange

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