Banfora Water Program

The Banfora Water Program makes possible the scale up of a drilling company in Banfora, a province of Burkina Faso. Fondazione Aurora, in collaboration with Shalom Movement and the Banfora OCADES, is committed to carry out activities needed to improve the know-how, experience and availability of facilities for this young Burkinabes’ company.

Fondazione Aurora envisions to trigger a decisive social impact on the company and the local community. The scale up will enable this young extracting company to increase its own field of experience by deploying a network of contacts and the development of bi-directional synergies with Italy and African institutional actors.

Indirectly, the initiative will also impact positively the local community thanks to the expected increase of drilling.


The Banfora Water Program pursues the following objectives:

  • Promote the scaling-Up of a company driven by a young workforce and growth of drilling operations for the local community
  • Increase job placement and professional growth for the company’s young workers and the strengthen of its activities
  • Contribute to professional exchanges for nurturing reciprocal Italy-Africa dialogue
  • Trigger social impact measured in increased economic opportunities for the company and local community
  • Increase access to drinkable water and specialized training

  • Technical training: the young members of the company attend a training period within an active drilling company in Ouagadougou geared towards improving the technical  know-how.
  • Provision of equipment and facilities: at the request of the company, we contribute to endow it with added facilities and equipment in order to improve the efficiency of the drilling operations. These facilities will be adequately stored in suitable places.
  • Professional Exchanges: Highly-specialized Italian drilling professionals and technicians are involved in the first stage of the initiative allowing rich professional exchanges and completing the training of the field young members of the company.
  • Drilling Convention: this young company will sign a convention with local institutionsto provide an adequate number of forages to meet the local community’s needs.
  • Follow-Up: the activities of professional exchange, follow-up of market presence, technical assistance and maintenance are carried out for a period of at least three years,and adequately monitored by all the stakeholders involved.