CAFTIS – Centre Artisanale de Formation en Tissage – Cooperative entrepreneurship in the textile sector

Fondazione Aurora collaborates with Federcasse in Togo in promoting the scaling-up of CAFTIS, a company engaged in the production of traditional cloths and fabrics in Dapaong, Savannah Region capital and seat of the Prefecture of Tone. The cooperative brings together over 900 producers, 80% of whom are women, and organises young apprentices trainings, enabling them to acquire the Certificat de Fin d’Apprentissage.


Promote the scaling-up of CAFTIS activities based on the needs identified by the company’s managers and detected during on-site missions

Support job placement and professional growth for the cooperative’s employees

Ensure activities sustainability in order to generate income to be reinvested in social impact initiatives


Carrying out a market study entrusted to young Togolese researchers to draw up an economic sustainability plan in order to improve the market integration of the cooperative

Business plan analysis, technical assistance and strategic positioning of the cooperative on the local market

Monitoring and implementation of on-site missions