NanoAir Tech – Connected Agriculture

Fondazione Aurora promotes the scaling-up of NanoAir SARL: a young Senegalese company that invents and develops remote irrigation systems through web applications, IT and electronic devices connected in real time. NanoAir also provides data analysis services to increase the efficiency of small farmers’ activities in Senegal.


Improve the scaling-up of NanoAir through implementing joint initiatives to foster this Senegalese enterprise

Contribute – through NanoAir business – to generating social impact for local communities

Deepen the dialogue and the bi-lateral exchange between Italy and Africa, through the promotion of strategic partnerships and collaborative studies and research


Applied research and skills development: Fondazione Aurora supports the CEO of NanoAir, Oumar Basse, who has been selected for the Executive PhD in Agrisystems at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza. His research foci include:Internet of things, wireless sensors, networks and machine learning supported precision irrigation. 

Networking and development of strategic partnerships: Fondazione Aurora promoted the participation of NanoAir at EXCO 2019, the first international cooperation fair dedicated to job creation and innovation for sustainable development in Africa (Rome, 15-17 May 2019). The Foundation also incentivises the development of partnerships with Italian production companies operating in the agricultural innovation/ technology sector and engaged in the development of innovative remote irrigation solutions.