Covid 19 – the engagement of Fondazione Aurora

In the past few weeks, Fondazione Aurora has been working remotely on the ongoing initiatives with partners Federcasse, Amref, Movimento Shalom and Moleskine Foundation: together, we are supporting textile and agricultural cooperatives in Togo and the scaling up of the enterprise Nano Air  in the agritech sector in Senegal; we are also strengthening a water well drilling company in Burkina Faso and the video production company Dagoretti Film Centre in Kenya.

Of course everything was more difficult and complex but we and our partners did not stop.

With Covid 19 posing new challenges to everyone, our mission “promoting work and entrepreneurial initiatives with a social impact” becomes even more topical. Therefore, we fortify our commitment to support projects also aimed at fighting the consequences of the pandemic alongside other organizations.

In this context, Fondazione Aurora is enhancing the plurality of analysis perspectives and using its platforms and initiatives to give space to a variety of African voices, share information and analyze different scenarios.

Among our new initiatives, we are also supporting the dissemination of wider information on  Covid 19 in local African languages through Wikipedia.