In support of new initiatives against Covid 19

Fondazione Aurora has continued to work during these covid 19 period joint with its partners: Federcasse, Amref, Movimento Shalom and Moleskine Foundation in Togo, Kenya, Burkina Faso. 

The solution will not be televised, a project in collaboration with Moleskine Foundation to translate and publish the 10 most relevant entries in local African languages related to Covid-19 on Wikipedia

Covid free Toolkit a platform that gather simple and creative solutions developed in Africa to fight the epidemic, promoted by Taxibrousse studio and the Le Reseau Association

Mask production of Dagoretti Design&Fashion in Nairobi, in partnership with Amref Kenya and Amref Italy

Fundraising sponsored by Amref, Cuamm and CIAI to support 3 Italian health centers strongly engaged against Covid-19.