WikiAfrica Education – Meetings with Lwando Xaso

In the framework of the partnership with Moleskine Foundation and of activities related to the WikiAfrica Education initiative, Fondazione Aurora promotes the organisation of meetings with Lwando Xaso, a constitutionalist lawyer, writer and human rights activist.

Tuesday, November 5, 1 pm at Studio Chiomenti in Milan: Talk on the topic “Creating an inclusive society through the law”

Thursday, November 7, 9-11 am at the department of Economics Tor Vergata in Rome: Global Conversation on the theme “The meaning of truth, justice and reparations in a post conflict society”, in collaboration with the BA in Global Governance

Thursday, November 7, 2-4 pm at the department of Law of the Roma Tre University: Speech on the theme “How does change happen? What we can learn from a country that transformed a prison into a court”, in collaboration with the course in Prisoners’ rights and Constitution