Who we are

African young people are demonstrating entrepreneurial dynamism, technological innovation and abilities to identify local solutions to structural problems. These skills are strategic levers for a potential transformative social process and, hopefully, inclusive and sustainable economy.

Fondazione Aurora is proactively involved in this process by promoting the scale up of young Africans’ SMEs that contribute to improve local living conditions, despite a scarce access to international cooperation programs and private financing.

The Foundation acts always in accordance with the principles of African ownership and through partnerships with other local and international organizations, fostering a resilient cycle of sustainable growth.

Why Africa


Nowadays, the median age in Africa is 19. By 2050 Africans will represent 20% of the world’s population housing about 2 billion people, with 70% of working age. Young Africans are fully open to creatively deploying new technologies in the context of the Next Production Revolution.


Technological innovation, characterized by techno-poles, leapfrogging and digitization, is integral to the new entrepreneurship that is transforming the African economy, therefore is crucial for a transformative social process.


In 2050, only 4% of the global population will be European. While embracing Africa's many configurations and acknowledging and valuing the historical and cultural links, it remains essential to establish new ecosystems by fostering bilateral relations upholding the principles of ownership, rights and community development. Diaspora actors are key to the initiatives.