Why Fondazione Aurora

We have long considered whether it would be fitting to establish a new non-profit organization focused on Africa. It might have been easier to contribute to the many initiatives that have emerged – some of them for a long time now – in support of projects on the continent.

Our previous experiences have led us to act, taking into consideration the current generational, political and economic context of the various “Africas.” We started from the observation that African youth are part of an educated and resourceful generation; full of dynamism, technologically savvy and culturally open to the world.  They have launched many entrepreneurial initiatives with significant social impact, aiming at local structural needs. As young entrepreneurs they are committed to the improvement of their community’s socio-economic living conditions.

Fondazione Aurora turns its attention to this young generation of entrepreneurs to scale-up their business initiatives. We have decided to address this mission in a straightforward manner and with a humble attitude, whilst still being eager to work with other organisations, institutions and companies.

The Fondazione – aligned to both 2030 and 2063 Agendas – supports these young African entrepreneurs to overcome scarce access to international cooperation and private funds. At the same time enabling them to achieve best practice and become first class agents in international production chains.

Italy and Europe, in full respect of African agency and prepared to listen, can contribute to these Agendas; providing not only financial resources, but above all their longstanding entrepreneurial and manufacturing traditions, sharing expertise and know-how in production and marketing.

Fondazione Aurora has also connected its project initiatives with study and research activities entrusted to young Italians, Africans and Diasporas, engaging in a dynamic cultural shift through the promotion of knowledge sharing and mutual recognition.

We are aware that we are on a path that is not easy, but we believe it has the potential to be innovative and resilient. We are also convinced that this project will bring organisations, companies and individuals who share a common goal in a healthy and inclusive ecosystem of social and economic development in various African countries, together.

We believe that our mission will be achieved not by a simple manifestation of philanthropy or pure charity, but by building a concrete plan of action focused on recognising that every project will be led with an awareness of and longing for global social development.

— Michele Carpinelli e Marta Sachy