In collaboration with Movimento Shalom and OCADES Banfora, the Banfora Water Programme intends to facilitate the scaling-up of PUITS DE JACOB, a drilling company in Banfora, Burkina Faso.


The drilling company is made up of 5 young Burkinabes and will contribute, by 2030, to:
> Increase the universal access to drinking water by drilling at least 16 wells per year;
> Improve the quality of drinking water;
> Increase the access to sanitary facilities;
> Increase the company turnover, promote new employment opportunities and improve the socio-economic conditions of the community.


→ Increased access to drinking water
→ Local ownership
→ Structuring of the entreprise
> Regular technical assistance for programming, business planning, definition of governance and organisation chart, market analysis
> Acquisition of local skills: 2 trainings implemented on-site: drilling techniques, construction sites-school, works management and supervision courses, machinery use and maintenance, accounting
> Provision of equipment: disbursement of operational funds for the purchase of machinery
> Professional exchanges and mentoring: specialised technical support
> Analysis of the needs for well renovation: locationing of the drillings and identification of disused structures for maintenance
> Company support: a high-level Burkinabe consultant in charge of defining baselines, checking the regularity of company documents, researching clients and call for tenders, proposing market entry strategies

→ Employment growth
> 5 young Burkinabes employed and planning for further recruitment

→ Strategic partnerships
> Agreements with OCADES, Movimento Shalom, with private companies and other organisations, also at international level

> Agreement with the Ministry of Water for the provision of services


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