Within the framework of UN Agendas 2030 – AU 2063 and inclusive socio-economic development goals, Fondazione Aurora supports young Africans in consolidating entrepreneurship initiatives with significant social impact in their communities.


We are a non-profit organisation committed to scaling up of African social impact enterprises with innovative capabilities and territorial relationships. We work through applied research in order to improve products and services, provide technical assistance and operational funds for capital endowment. We also establish strategic partnerships to bring African business initiatives into the global value chain.



We are a non-profit organisation committed to scaling up of African social impact enterprises with innovative capabilities and territorial relationships. We work through applied research in order to improve products and services, provide technical assistance and operational funds for capital endowment. We also establish strategic partnerships to bring African business initiatives into the global value chain.



We proactively work to strengthen a virtuous circle of community development and growth by supporting young African and diaspora entrepreneurs, through partnership networks. The Foundation’s initiatives aim to overcome difficulties in accessing the market, with a problem-solving approach, in compliance with the ownership, for local development and systemic change



Fondazione Aurora promotes a more accurate representation of Africa using the Eckert IV projection.
This map was chosen after consultation with expert geographers and organisations in the field, as it is considered more precise than the more widely used Mercator map. promotes a correct representation of Africa.
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This initiative of entrepreneurial consolidation is part of the AICS/UNIDO Programme on the coffee supply chain as an element of socio-economic development, at the end of an approved five-year project. The partners requested Fondazione Aurora to support the Burka Yadot Farmers Cooperative Union in order to maintain the level 2 quality of Harenna coffee, promote the access to the market and obtain multi-year buyers for their coffee.

→ To consolidate Harenna coffee producers’ cooperatives;
→ To introduce modern post-harvest processing techniques for coffee beans;
→ To facilitate the access to the market and the identification of the customer for the exportation.
A participatory diagnostic review for the analysis of the need has been carried out;
an intervention strategy has been elaborated for:
a) strengthening marketing and export of Harenna coffee;
b) the purchase of drying materials and agricultural tools;
c) technical support (extension services)

Project partner



Fondazione Aurora promoted the consolidation of NanoAir Tech, a Senegalese remote irrigation company, supporting the improvement of the technical skills of workers and the promotion of national, regional and international market outlets.

→ To increase the turnover and profits of NanoAir Tech;
→ Qualified training of the CEO with an Executive PhD support;

→ Enrolment in an Executive PhD at the Catholic University of Piacenza;
→ International promotion with B2B sector meetings.


Partner del progetto


In collaboration with the Community of Sant’Egidio, Fondazione Aurora supported the Higher education course in Integration and Health Promotion, created in partnership with the “Dante Alighieri” University for Foreigners in Reggio Calabria and the integration of the diaspora in Italy.
The Foundation contributed to the realisation of the course, the translation of the lessons, and the elaboration of subtitles in English and Portuguese, employing members of the Mozambican and English-speaking African diaspora in Italy and thus enabling their employment as translators of e-learning lessons.

→ To train healthcare workers in Mozambique and Malawi;
→ To promote the employment of members of the Portuguese-speaking and English-speaking diaspora in Italy.

→ Active involvement of the Mozambican and Nigerian diaspora to translate material for a 634-hour e-learning course to African healthcare workers (mostly women aged between 18 and 35);
→ Training of 27 operators in Mozambique and 30 in Malawi in community social health care;
→ Consolidation of partnership with the University of Tor Vergata and the Community of Sant’Egidio;
→ Increased employment of people from the diaspora in Italy.


Project partner

Support to textile cooperatives (CAFTIS)

Fondazione Aurora works with Federcasse to promote the scaling-up of the Centre Artisanal de Formation en Tissage – CAFTIS, a company engaged in the production of traditional clothes and fabrics in Dapaong, capital of Savanes Region and headquarters of the prefecture of Tone. The cooperative brings together more than 900 producers, about 80% of whom are women, and organises the training of young apprentices, enabling them to acquire the Certificat de Fin d’Apprentissage.

→ To increase the turnover of the textile cooperatives;
→ To support the structuring of a grouping of cooperatives in the region.

→ Realisation of a context and market study for the textile sector in the Savanes Region.


Project partner

Mécanisme Incitatif de Financement Agricole (MIFA)

Fondazione Aurora is participating in the memorandum of understanding with MIFA (Mécanisme Incitatif de Financement Agricole), a body of the Ministry of Agriculture in Togo, together with Federcasse, Coopermondo, and the “Pool BCC per il Togo”. The partnership is aimed at the elaboration and implementation of a project to support the cooperatives system in Togo, which promotes the consolidation of territorial organisations, the strengthening of production structures, and the improvement of access to the national and international market.

→ To align and collaborate with the Togolese Ministry of Agriculture in order to strengthen the local cooperative system.
→ To establish and finance a revolving fund in favour of the Coopérative des Transformateurs de Produits Agricoles du Togo COTPAT together with Federcasse.

→ Analysis of the needs of cooperatives associated with COTPAT;
→ Preparation of the legal framework to activate an operational fund in order to promote incentive mechanisms for Togolese agricultural cooperatives;
→ Due diligence and good standing statement for COTPAT carried out in order to increase partnerships;
→ We consolidated a multilateral partnership (including IFAD, AfDB), with the Togolese Ministry of Agriculture, local cooperatives and the Italian coalition. This is preparatory for the presentation of the project to the government and to international financing institutions;
→ Participation in a webinar to present the project with representatives of the Togolese government, the local system of cooperatives and international institutions, held in March 2021.

Project partner


In collaboration with Movimento Shalom and OCADES Banfora, the Banfora Water Programme intends to facilitate the scaling-up of PUITS DE JACOB, a drilling company in Banfora, Burkina Faso.


The drilling company is made up of 5 young Burkinabes and will contribute, by 2030, to:
> Increase the universal access to drinking water by drilling at least 16 wells per year;
> Improve the quality of drinking water;
> Increase the access to sanitary facilities;
> Increase the company turnover, promote new employment opportunities and improve the socio-economic conditions of the community.


→ Increased access to drinking water
→ Local ownership
→ Structuring of the entreprise
> Regular technical assistance for programming, business planning, definition of governance and organisation chart, market analysis
> Acquisition of local skills: 2 trainings implemented on-site: drilling techniques, construction sites-school, works management and supervision courses, machinery use and maintenance, accounting
> Provision of equipment: disbursement of operational funds for the purchase of machinery
> Professional exchanges and mentoring: specialised technical support
> Analysis of the needs for well renovation: locationing of the drillings and identification of disused structures for maintenance
> Company support: a high-level Burkinabe consultant in charge of defining baselines, checking the regularity of company documents, researching clients and call for tenders, proposing market entry strategies

→ Employment growth
> 5 young Burkinabes employed and planning for further recruitment

→ Strategic partnerships
> Agreements with OCADES, Movimento Shalom, with private companies and other organisations, also at international level

> Agreement with the Ministry of Water for the provision of services


Project partner

Support to Agricultural Cooperatives in Togo (COTPAT)

Within the framework of its partnership with Federcasse, Fondazione Aurora has launched a programme to support the Cooperative des transformateurs des produits agricoles au Togo (COTPAT), a grouping of 39 cooperatives processing agricultural products distributed throughout the Togolese national territory. COTPAT involves 676 agri-food producers and 125 processors of agricultural products.
In collaboration with Federcasse, Coopermondo/Confcooperative and the “Italian pool of BCCs for Togo”, Fondazione Aurora is participating in the project “Développer et intégrer les chaines de valeur dans l’agriculture togolaise par l’instrument des coopératives“, which involves supporting the activities of MIFA (Mécanisme Incitatif de Financement Agricole Fondé sur le partage des risques), a Togolese government agency committed to supporting cooperatives in the agricultural sector.

→ To strengthen the technical capacities of the 39 member cooperatives on national territory employing 676 workers and to promote their participation in the global value chain;
→ To improve the profitability of local production units: 10 Maritime Region, 4 Central Region, 4 Plateaux Region, 16 Kara Region, 5 Savanes Region;
→ To promote consumption and export of local products.

→ Needs assessment and on-site missions;
→ A consolidated partnership with the Director of the cooperatives;
→ The endowment of fixed and working capital of COTPAT member cooperatives;
→ The establishment of working capital: equipment financing and access to short-term credit for cooperatives.


Project partner


From threats come opportunities: this is what happened with the conversion of production at the Dagoretti Fashion & Design Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, in collaboration with Amref Health Africa. The textile centre, which used to produce clothes in wax, has started to produce personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and the local population.

→ To transform the centre into a social enterprise;
→ To increase the company’s turnover in order to improve local living conditions, particularly of the young mothers employed;
→ To contribute to marketing and client procurement both locally and internationally.

Provision of equipment:
Purchase of equipment through disbursement of operational funds;
Purchase of raw materials to produce 20,000 reusable masks.

Structuring of the enterprise:
Technical assistance for the production of reusable masks with the mentorship of an African-Italian start-up, BBstyle;
participation in international tenders.

Marketing Promotion and Visibility:
Support of a marketing and sales consultant;
Production of a video to promote the D-Amurai mask;
Development and implementation of a marketing strategy.

Project partner


Dagoretti Film Centre is an enterprise created within the context of the training and film production centre “Dagoretti Child Development Centre”, active since 2000 in Nairobi and managed by Amref Health Africa. In collaboration with Amref, Fondazione Aurora accompanies the audiovisual enterprise in the employment of young scriptwriters, technicians, actors and directors in the production of films, short films and music videos in the country’s fast-growing film industry. Through a participatory approach, the company contributes to bring out voices and stories from local contexts that are otherwise undervalued.

→ To transform the centre into a social enterprise – part of the proceeds go to the Children’s Centre;
→ To increase the turnover of the enterprise to promote new job opportunities and improve local living conditions;
→ To contribute to the economic planning, marketing and client procurement, also at international level.

→ Strengthening of the internal structure:
>Disbursement of operational funds for the purchase of hardware equipment for the production of audiovisual material;
>Structuring of an organisational chart and multiannual business plan;
>Support from a marketing and sales consultant for client procurement.
→ Increase in production and turnover:
>Technical and economic assistance to develop and implement business plans, marketing and communication strategies;

>Operational funds for the production of the short film Mashaa;
>Production of two documentaries, a show reel and capacity statement;
>Participation in national competitions for service provision.
→ Promotion and visibility:
>Participation in international events and festivals including Book City Milano 2019, Giffoni Film Festival, Clemont- Ferrant, Human Right Valencia, Kalashaa Festival, Kenya Film Commission and UN Women;
>International promotion: double programming on Mashaa’s Iris channel;
>Activation and effective use of social media (IG, FB and Twitter).
→ International partnerships and B2B:
>Kenya Film Commission;
>Mediafriends Onlus;
>10 B2B held in Milan (2019).

Partner del progetto



The main areas of intervention have been identified on the basis of potential synergies between young African entrepreneurs and the Foundation.


The publications and interviews promoted by the Foundation intend to promote a narrative of Africa (or Africas) based on research and analysis enriched by the direct experiences of African and Afro-descendant authors on issues of social, economic, political and cultural relevance. The in-depth features host voices and experience from over ten different countries, alternating between university students, researchers, analysts and journalists.