Mécanisme Incitatif de Financement Agricole (MIFA)

Fondazione Aurora is participating in the memorandum of understanding with MIFA (Mécanisme Incitatif de Financement Agricole), a body of the Ministry of Agriculture in Togo, together with Federcasse, Coopermondo, and the “Pool BCC per il Togo”. The partnership is aimed at the elaboration and implementation of a project to support the cooperatives system in Togo, which promotes the consolidation of territorial organisations, the strengthening of production structures, and the improvement of access to the national and international market.

→ To align and collaborate with the Togolese Ministry of Agriculture in order to strengthen the local cooperative system.
→ To establish and finance a revolving fund in favour of the Coopérative des Transformateurs de Produits Agricoles du Togo COTPAT together with Federcasse.

→ Analysis of the needs of cooperatives associated with COTPAT;
→ Preparation of the legal framework to activate an operational fund in order to promote incentive mechanisms for Togolese agricultural cooperatives;
→ Due diligence and good standing statement for COTPAT carried out in order to increase partnerships;
→ We consolidated a multilateral partnership (including IFAD, AfDB), with the Togolese Ministry of Agriculture, local cooperatives and the Italian coalition. This is preparatory for the presentation of the project to the government and to international financing institutions;
→ Participation in a webinar to present the project with representatives of the Togolese government, the local system of cooperatives and international institutions, held in March 2021.

Project partner