Course for European Mediator for Intercultural and Social Cohesion

Fondazione Aurora, in line with goal 4.C SDG, supports in cash and in-kind the higher education course organised by the University “Federico II” in collaboration with the Comunità di Sant’Egidio of Naples. The course is mainly addressed to Italian and foreign university students, third sector workers and cultural mediators and aims at training qualified professionals and teachers also for international cooperation activities. The course includes modules on: intercultural mediation, economic history, international cooperation, history of religions, history of migrations, colonialism and African diaspora, demography and immigration, study of the Italian PA system for mediation. Each module is divided into a variable number of lessons on specific topics, for a total duration of the course of 6 months. At the end of the lessons, and in case of a positive outcome of the exams, the participants receive a diploma.


Training on cultural mediation and global citizenship.


→ 73 students graduated at the end of the course (40% Italian, 60% foreigners).
To date, the success of the course and the financial contribution have made it possible to hold two more editions (the third is still in progress).


Partner project