Développer et intégrer les chaines de valeur dans l’agriculture togolaise par l’instrument des coopératives (DECHAINES)

The DECHAINES program, in line with the objectives of the Agendas 2030 and 2063 and of the togolese PND 2018-2022, promotes the consolidation of the agricultural cooperative system by working in four priority thematic areas: improving the governance structure of cooperatives, strengthening technical and entrepreneurial skills, market access, and access to finance.

→ Increase the number of registered agricultural cooperatives and strengthen their governance
→ Facilitate the structuring of the domestic market and promote access to regional and international markets
→ Strengthen the institutional network of cooperatives
→ Consolidate relations between credit and real cooperatives

→ Consolidation of the Multilateral Partnership (including IFAD, AfDB), with the Togolese Ministry of Agriculture, local cooperatives and the Italian coalition, preliminary to the presentation of the project to the government and to international financing institutions;
→ Participation in webinar presentation of the project with representatives of the Togolese government, the local system of cooperatives and international institutions, held in March 2021
→ Strengthening of the local presence through a representative point to facilitate interlocutions with local partners
→ Presentation of the DECHAINES – PHASE I project at GIZ, in collaboration with Federcasse and Coopermondo


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