Les Petits Métiers – Training and (self-)employment in fashion

Fondazione Aurora is working in partnership with the Afro Fashion Association and the LABA Douala (Free Academy of Fine Arts) Higher Institution in the implementation of the “Les Petits Métiers’ project“, co-funded by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) – Mission to Italy under the A.MI.CO. Grants 2024 with the support of the Italian Development Cooperation. The Foundation was involved in the drafting of the project and the co-financing of Euro 4,500; qualifying elements for the awarding of the IOM grant.

The project, developed between Milan and Douala (Cameroon), aims to contribute to youth employment, the promotion of inclusive growth and decent work. By training and strengthening the skills of 30 young Cameroonians in tailoring and accessory making, the project also envisages the establishment of a cooperative to which Fondazione Aurora will provide technical assistance and accompaniment for the purchase of equipment.

Les Petits Métiers is part of a framework of collaborations started in 2022 with Afro Fashion, which have seen both organisations involved on several fronts, including the promotion of the course “Tracing Identities through fashion photography“, a 30-hour intensive online training programme for students in Italy and Cameroon to promote the employment of young talents in the field of fashion photography, and the Foundation’s participation in the Afro Fashion Week in Milan.

→ Delivery of training modules in fashion, on topics such as manufacturing and production of accessories and business management;

→ Provision of work kits and learning by doing manuals with basic materials for pattern making and garment production;

→ Support in setting up a formally registered co-operative with related capacity building on business management for members;

→ Technical assistance in the creation of a business plan and accompaniment in the purchase of equipment;

→ Support for the production and sales activities of the co- operative also through links with international customers, marketing strategies and identification of potential customers.

→ Training programmes developed and approved;

→ Selected and enrolled 30 young students;

→ Purchased machinery and provided work kits with basic materials for practical training, including sewing machines, embroidery machines and cloth.


Project developer