WikiAfrica Education Programme

Created with the intention of promoting access to information and encouraging the sharing and preservation of knowledge, the WikiAfrica Education programme aims to give greater visibility to Africa on Wikipedia, expanding the quantity and quality of information that can be found online about the continent.


→ To increase the production of quality information from the African continent and the African diaspora, also in local languages;
→ To improve the business climate;
→ To stimulate the representativeness of African populations at global level and thus their empowerment


→ Established strong multi-year partnership with Moleskine Foundation to inspire a new generation of African creative thinkers and actors
→ Increased production, access to contextually and linguistically relevant knowledge from the African continent
→ Afrocuration
Southafrica 2019, Mozambique 2021 and Mozambique 2022 – Theme “We Who Are”
> more than 200 participants
> 225 articles created
> 113.8K articles views

→Higher Education Initiative:

> 4 training sessions:
> 56 active programme participants (48 by Fondazione Aurora)
> 165 articles created
> 139.1k article views

→ 6 Agreements and Conventions with
> Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Italy)
> Amref International University (Nairobi)
> University of Naples “Federico II”
> University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
> Wikimedia Foundation
> Constitution Hill (South Africa)

→ “The solution will not be televised” Campaign
> 410 Participants
> 197 Articles created
> 500K Article views
> 231.5K words added

→ Professional mobility and training:
> 3 Trainings seminars with Lwando Xaso for professional skills and rights education at: Studio Chiomenti – Milan, BA Global Governance course at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Course in Prisoners’ Rights and Constitution at the University of Roma Tre.

> received the Award for Best Lecture for the academic year 2019/2020 at Global Governance at the University of Rome Tor Vergata

> Training seminar on civil rights for the development of international skills of young people and students with migration background: “Everything must fall – Reinventing a more caring world after the crisis” with Lwando Xaso, author of “Made in South Africa – A Black Woman’s Stories of Rage, Resistance and Progress”, cassationist lawyer Federica Pistorello and systemic psychotherapist Dr. Ronke Oluwadare


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