WikiAfrica programme

Created with the intention of promoting access to information and encouraging the sharing and preservation of knowledge, the WikiAfrica Education programme aims to give greater visibility to Africa on Wikipedia, expanding the quantity and quality of information that can be found online about the continent.


→ To increase the production of quality information from the African continent and the African diaspora, also in local languages;
→ To improve the business climate;
→ To stimulate the representativeness of African populations at global level and thus their empowerment


→ Established a strong multi-year partnership with Moleskine Foundation to inspire a new generation of African thinkers and creative actors;
→ Implemented the campaign “The Solution Will not Be Televised” to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing the amount and accessibility of information on Wikipedia;
→ Increased the production and the access to contextually and linguistically relevant knowledge from the African continent:
→ At least 650 active participants in the programme
→ At least 321 articles produced in 19 African local languages
→ At least 220k visits to the produced articles
→ Implementation of WikiAfrica Education Programme for scholarship students with Fondazione Aurora Foundation as the lead partner – download brochure.
The programme aims at promoting the active participation of African languages speaker students who have already received a scholarship to produce articles on the Wikipedia platform in order to create new and accessible online knowledge about Africa in local languages.


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