Dagoretti Fashion&Design Centre is a social enterprise working in the textile sector, employing young women specialists.

From threats come opportunities: this is what happened with the conversion of production at the Dagoretti Fashion&Design Centre during the pandemic. This textile centre, which used to produce clothes in wax, has started to produce.

A market study was carried out in 2021 to identify the productions that would allow the Dagoretti Fashion&Design Centre (DFDC) to effectively enter the local market. In addition, an international sponsorship event was held at the Milan Stock Exchange conference hall, where entrepreneur Dede Sonya Agdoban presented the centre and its production of reusable masks, which was the result of a joint project with the Afro-Italian start-up BBstyle. The international mentorship – carried out by BBstyle’s experts – has in fact strengthened the skills of DFC’s human resources for the production of the reusable masks. 

The company participates in the business platform organised to encourage, also through matching, greater involvement of Italian companies in projects aimed at reaching the Sustainable Development Goals in partner countries. 

The platform aims at promoting effective partnerships between public, public-private and civil society actors (Target 17.1) and at strengthening the role of the private sector as a driver of development and growth in complex geographies.


→ To transform the centre into a social enterprise of which part of the proceeds go to the Children’s Centre.
→ To increase the turnover of the company in order to improve the local living conditions, in particular of the young mothers employed
→ To contribute to marketing and client procurement also internationally

Provision of equipment:
→ Purchase of equipment through disbursement of operational funds;
→ Purchase of raw materials to produce 20,000 reusable masks.

Structuring of the enterprise:
→ Technical assistance for the production of reusable masks with the mentorship of an African-Italian start-up, BBstyle;
→ participation in international tenders.

Marketing Promotion and Visibility:
→ Support of a marketing and sales consultant;
→ Production of a video to promote the D-Amurai mask;
→ Development and implementation of a marketing strategy;
→ Strategic international partnerships, identification of potential clients and involvement of the private sector at the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan.


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