Dagoretti Film Centre is a video and music social enterprise set in Nairobi that brings out the voices of young Africans and provides quality audiovisual services produced through a participatory approach.

Dagoretti Film Centre is an enterprise created within the context of the training and film production centre “Dagoretti Child Development Centre” managed by Amref Health Africa and has been active since 2000 in Nairobi. In 2021, DFC started to work to  become an independent enterprise; thanks to its participatory approach, it enables many young people to express themselves with screenplays and video techniques, while supporting their employment in the country’s fast-growing audiovisual and film market.

In April 2022, DFC was selected by the E4Impact Accelerator programme in Nairobi. 

The company participates in the business platform organised to encourage, also through matching, greater involvement of Italian companies in projects aimed at reaching the Sustainable Development Goals in partner countries. 

The platform aims at promoting effective partnerships between public, public-private and civil society actors (Target 17.1) and at strengthening the role of the private sector as a driver of development and growth in complex geographies.


To consolidate the social enterprise;
→ To increase the turnover of the enterprise to promote new job opportunities and improve local living conditions;
→ To contribute to the economic planning, marketing and client procurement, also at international level.

→ Strengthening of the internal structure:
>Disbursement of operational funds for the purchase of hardware equipment for the production of audiovisual material;
>Structuring of an organisational chart and multiannual business plan;
>Support from a marketing and sales consultant for client procurement;
>Elaboration of a capacity statement

→ Increase in production and turnover:
>Technical and economic assistance to develop and implement business plans, marketing and communication strategies
>Realization of documentaries, show reels and short films (Mashaa)
>Participation in national competitions for service provision
>Participation in tenders such as IIC and AICS in Nairobi and Unilever
>Selected to participate in E4Impact Acceleration Program in Nairobi.

→ Promotion and visibility:
>Participation in international events and festivals including Book City Milano 2019, Giffoni Film Festival, Clemont- Ferrant, Human Right Valencia, Kalashaa Festival, Kenya Film Commission and UN Women;
>International promotion: double programming on Mashaa’s Iris channel;
>Launch of DFC’s Website
>Activation and effective use of social media (IG, FB and Twitter)
>Contact with around 200 businesses and organizations (client identification)

→ International partnerships and B2B:
>Kenya Film Commission;
>Mediafriends Onlus;
>10 B2B held in Milan (2019).
>Strategic international partnerships, identification of potential clients and involvement of the private sector at the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan



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