FORT SCHOOL – promoting access to public education in Kenya

In Kenya, public schools are struggling to secure quality education to the youth. Fort School is an e-learning platform that provides access to educational learning material, video content and interactive virtual classes for students, teachers and institutions. The learning material, consistent with the national educational program, covers different levels of study from Primary School to High School education. Fondazione Aurora and Fort Sort collaborate with the aim of expanding the platform’s area of coverage and traffic by increasing its number of active users and increasing the high-quality learning material available on the platform.

→ To contribute to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all (SDG 4)
→ To consolidate the e-learning platform “Fort School”
→ To increase the number of active users (students, professors, schools) and the educational content available (pre-recorded videos, live classes, quizzes, Q&As)
→ To involve institutional partners and investors
→ Technical and economic assistance provided (cost-revenue analysis, business plan, marketing)
→ Delivered funds to support operating costs and human resources