Support to Agricultural Cooperatives in Togo (COTPAT)

Within the framework of its partnership with Federcasse, Fondazione Aurora has launched a programme to support the Cooperative des transformateurs des produits agricoles au Togo (COTPAT), a grouping of 39 cooperatives processing agricultural products distributed throughout the Togolese national territory. COTPAT involves 676 agri-food producers and 125 processors of agricultural products.
In collaboration with Federcasse, Coopermondo/Confcooperative and the “Italian pool of BCCs for Togo”, Fondazione Aurora is participating in the project “Développer et intégrer les chaines de valeur dans l’agriculture togolaise par l’instrument des coopératives“, which involves supporting the activities of MIFA (Mécanisme Incitatif de Financement Agricole Fondé sur le partage des risques), a Togolese government agency committed to supporting cooperatives in the agricultural sector.

The cooperatives participate in the business platform organized to encourage, also through matching, greater involvement of Italian companies in projects aimed at reaching the Sustainable Development Goals in partner countries. 

The platform aims at promoting effective partnerships between public, public-private and civil society actors (Target 17.1) and at strengthening the role of the private sector as a driver of development and growth in complex geographies.


→ To strengthen the technical capacities of the 39 member cooperatives on national territory employing 676 workers and to promote their participation in the global value chain;
→ To improve the profitability of local production units: 10 Maritime Region, 4 Central Region, 4 Plateaux Region, 16 Kara Region, 5 Savanes Region;
→ To promote consumption and export of local products.

→ Technical Assistance: needs assessment and on-site missions;
→ Strengthening cooperative governance;
→ Increased income and job opportunities
→ A consolidated partnership with the Director of the cooperatives;
→ Due diligence with a Togolese law office and good standing statement
→ Legal framework for the establishment of the revolving fund
→ Strategic international partnerships, identification of potential clients and involvement of the private sector at the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan

Project partner