This initiative of entrepreneurial consolidation is part of the AICS/UNIDO Programme on the coffee supply chain as an element of socio-economic development, at the end of an approved five-year project. The partners requested Fondazione Aurora to support the Burka Yadot Farmers Cooperative Union in order to maintain the level 2 quality of Harenna coffee, promote the access to the market and obtain multi-year buyers for their coffee.

→ To consolidate Harenna coffee producers’ cooperatives;
→ To introduce modern post-harvest processing techniques for coffee beans;
→ To facilitate the access to the market and the identification of the customer for the exportation.
→ To increase the production and export of Harenna quality coffee
→ To obtain international certifications
→ A participatory diagnostic review for the analysis of needs has been carried out;
→ Technical support provided (extension services)
→ Support for quality coffee production
> purchase of metal drying beds and agricultural tools
> implementation of technical trainings for farmers

→ Marketing and export of Harenna coffee strengthened
> support for the import of 16.2 tonnes of coffee into Italy in 2021
> scouting of potential coffee importers for 40 tonnes of coffee for 2022
> contacts with 17 coffee importers and more than 40 roasters in Italy for the presentation of Harenna coffee
> 4kg of coffee samples delivered to 9 potential buyers

→ Increased income for farmers deriving from quality coffee production


Project partner