Last Friday 26th May in the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Fondazione Aurora was delighted to participate in the second Global African Youth Dialogue, the intergenerational dialogue launched in 2022 to advocate for diaspora African youth engagement in the continent’s development agendas, policy and decision making process.

This edition brought Africa youth and the goals of the AU Agenda 2063 into focus under the title “Inclusive Africa: Harnessing the power of Africa’s Next Generation” with a strong level of guest animated the conversation, moderated by Mr. Lukhani Rogol, from the World Food Forum

Ms. Giulia Tariello, Italian Youth Envoy to the United Nations, opened the discussion pointing out the “3Es”: Educate, Engage Empower. Creating a better environment is indispensable to empower youth that can find solutions to global complex challenges. She led the floor to our CEO Marta Sachy who addressed the “Investing in the Future: Prioritizing Education, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation for Sustainable Development” and presented Fondazione Aurora as a practical application of these words.

Mr. Victor Mugo, head of local Youth Action at the World Food Forum addressed the challenges about ensuring food security showing how innovation is moving the Agriculture sector to AgriBusiness for African youth, inviting everyone to pick the opportunities and act for a better food system.

The conclusions were held by Mr. Humuza Gisa Roick, the founder of the Global Africa Youth Dialogue, who remarked that youth are the potential leaders that could drive to a sustainable development and it is today that we need the Africa we are imaging tomorrow.

The conference then kicked off the first edition of the Global Model African Union, the first simulation of the African Union Assembly attended by university students on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May in the halls of the European Parliament in Rome.

Once again the partnership between GAYD and Fondazione Aurora has been renewed by introducing special news for this year: we combined the Global Model African Union with the WikiAFrica Education Programme to spread the voice of young Africans for a greater resonance.